FIDO Alliance Highlights APAC Growth at Turn of Year

FIDO Alliance Highlights APAC Growth at Turn of Year

The FIDO Alliance closed out 2018 with intense activity in the APAC region.

In a year-end post on its website, the organization noted that it saw some considerable developments in Japan in particular toward the end of the year. Yahoo! Japan joined FIDO’s Board of Directors, while KDDI and Line both attained FIDO2 certification.

Japan was also one of multiple sites where the FIDO Alliance held seminars on FIDO authentication, with Yahoo! Japan having delivered a presentation at the Tokyo event. Other stops included Beijing, Seoul, and Taipei; and FIDO’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Shikiar, suggested in his post that all of these events saw considerable enthusiasm.

“Presentations showcased how FIDO can be utilized for everything including mobile banking, blockchain, voice-based commerce and more,” he explained, pointing to the innovative solutions that FIDO authentication can support and enable.

“These seminars were an inspiring way to wrap up 2018, and point to 2019 as a year of further FIDO adoption and deployments around the world,” he concluded.