FIDO Certified Ecosystem Approaches 400 Products

The total number of FIDO Certified products is approaching 400 thanks to a new round of certifications announced by the industry alliance.FIDO Certified Ecosystem Approaches 400 Products

The latest approvals are for offerings from IoTrust Co., ROWEM, and SC TechOne, and bring the total number of FIDO Certified products to 383. News of the latest certifications comes after a summer update at the end of June in which FIDO announced that its ecosystem of compliant products had exceeded 360.

In a statement announcing the latest certifications, FIDO Alliance Technical Director Adam Powers noted “[s]ome of the more creative authentication methods” that have recently come through the certification pipeline. Among them are authentication systems involving touching certain parts of an image on a touchscreen, activating a special sound on a credit card, and using fingerprint biometrics for U2F authentication. It’s a small but diverse sampling that helps to illustrate how “FIDO Authentication provides the flexibility for service providers to deliver a wide range of use cases to consumers,” Powers said.

This growth in the FIDO-certified product ecosystem reflects the expanding reach of FIDO standards more broadly, with the Alliance having just announced toward the end of last month that support for FIDO U2F security keys had just entered beta testing in the Firefox development pipeline. Firefox has the second largest user base of all browsers, ranking right after Google, so its support for FIDO authentication should prove impactful when it arrives to the standard version of the browser.