Fingerprint Cards and Trustonic Collaborate To Accelerate FIDO Readiness

Fingerprint Cards AB, a Swedish biometric sensor manufacturer, and Trustonic announced today that they are collaborating in an effort to bring FIDO Ready authentication to connected devices at a faster rate. The FIDO Alliance, of which both companies are members, is dedicated to the development and implementation of universal online strong authentication specifications and its members collaborate to make this possible.

Fingerprint Cards ABThis specific collaboration will have FPC touch sensors – the FPC1020, FPC1021, and the FPC1150, the company’s new home button sensor – working with the Trustonic ‹t-base Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), allowing mobile device OEMs to easily offer secure fingerprint authentication on smartphones and tablets.

According to the press release, this collaboration will affect phones and tablets whose makers have already selected FPC sensors in their designs, launching as early as this coming autumn.

“Traditionally, biometric sensors would feature their own processor, which has proven to be expensive and time-consuming in getting products to market,” says Trustonic CEO, Ben Cade. “…our collaboration with Fingerprint Cards will help drive the adoption of biometric sensors into the next wave of connected devices. For service providers and consumers, this offers greater convenience and a higher level of trust in payment services and enterprise security.”

Fingerprint Cards CEO Johan Carlström adds: “By using Trustonic’s industry-leading TEE to protect our fingerprint sensor driver, FPC can now help OEMs to rapidly deploy FIDO-compliant robust biometric authentication to cater to the growing demand for value-added services on connected devices.”

This year, FPC has been in the news with a number of design wins for its new line of touch sensors. In July, the company announced the first design win for the FPC1021 capacitive touch sensor. Mass production of the phone is planned to begin this October with a target sales volume projected at 3 million units.