Fingerprint Cards Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Goodix

Fingerprint Cards has filed a complaint with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court over alleged patent infringement by Shenzhen based Goodix Technology Co.

Fingerprint Cards Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Goodix

In announcing the complaint, FPC offered few details concerning its specific allegations against Goodix, explaining only that “some of the fingerprint sensing chips” sold by Goodix violate one of FPC’s patents. In appealing to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, FPC said it is “seeking compensation for damages as well as a cease and desist order to stop the marketing and sale of the fingerprint sensing chips in question.”

The company’s complaint also targeted a distribution company associated with Goodix.

Commenting further on the matter, FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson said, “When our patents are infringed upon, we are determined to defend our interests and the interests of our shareholders.”

While Goodix is, by virtue of being a fingerprint sensor provider, a rival of FPC, it has operated with a fairly low profile until recent months. Lately, however, its technology has been used in new smartphones featuring pioneering in-display fingerprint sensor technology, making Goodix a prominent presence in the mobile biometrics market, though there is no clear indication that those sensor integrations are what triggered FPC’s complaint.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)