Goodix is Once Again Vivo’s In-Display Tech Supplier for the Nex S

Goodix is the supplier behind the in-display fingerprint sensor technology of Vivo’s latest flagship smartphone, the China-based biometrics specialist has announced.Goodix is Once Again Vivo's In-Display Tech Supplier for the Nex S

Officially unveiled this week, the Vivo Nex S is the third device from Vivo to feature in-display technology, after the pioneering Vivo X20 Plus UD launched in China near the start of the year, and the follow-up Vivo X21 a couple of months later. But whereas Synaptics’ Clear ID technology was used in the X20 Plus UD – the first commercial smartphone in the world to feature such technology – for the X21 and now the Nex S, Vivo has opted to go with Goodix’s optical sensor technology.

In a statement announcing its involvement in the new device’s production, Goodix asserted that it had improved the performance of its in-display sensor technology for the Nex S, asserting that it is 50 percent more accurate and offers a 10 percent increase in unlocking speed. The company also proclaimed that it has now acquired over 240 domestic and international patents pertaining to its in-display fingerprint sensor technology, which it described as the product of “several years of unwavering commitment to R&D.”

In addition to its optical in-display sensor technology, Goodix announced that has also provided Vivo with a capacitive sensor solution, suggesting that the latter technology is being used in Vivo’s Nex A device, a more budget-friendly model with its fingerprint sensor mounted on the rear. Both the Nex A and the Nex S are slated to hit stores in China next week.