You Can’t Afford To Miss This FinTech Biometrics Webinar, Here’s Why

“At this year’s Money20/20, biometric technology wasn’t just an exciting novelty – it was a force to be reckoned with, and one that is now an elemental component of FinTech.”

Why You Can't Afford to Miss Our FinTech Webinar Presented With Money20/20In the course of its run, FindBiometrics’ webinar series has gathered some renown, thanks in large part to the expertise of its participants – frequently high-level executives with major industry players as well as respected industry analysts – and thanks to FindBiometrics’ longstanding record of quality industry journalism. But next week’s webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th, is going to be something special. It’s coming in the wake of last week’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, one of the biggest annual financial services exhibitions in the world; and this year’s event was in some ways the culmination of the biometrics revolution in that industry. At this year’s Money20/20, biometric technology wasn’t just an exciting novelty – it was a force to be reckoned with, and one that is now an elemental component of FinTech.

So with next week’s webinar, “FindBiometrics and Money20/20 Present: Intelligent Biometrics and the New Face of Finance”, we’re carrying forward that excitement, digging deep into the many ways in which biometric technology is helping to drive innovation in financial services. Andrew B. Morris, Money20/20’s Chief Content Officer, is going to be on hand to help; as a senior organizer of the event, he’s been able to get a strong sense of the big picture, and to get into granular detail about some of the biometric solutions highlighted during the event; and he’ll be able to relay these insights to our audience and to the other expert panelists in the discussion.

And those panelists will have plenty of insight to offer of their own, coming from three of the biggest players in biometric FinTech in operation today. Javier Mira, for example, is the CEO of FacePhi, which has emerged as a key pioneer of one of the biggest trends in FinTech – selfie authentication. By combining document reading technology with facial recognition, FacePhi’s Selphi system can effectively confirm the identity of an individual from the comfort of their smartphone, allowing banks to authenticate and even onboard customers remotely. This approach is clearly catching on among a wide range of financial services organizations, and FacePhi recently announced a dramatic expansion of its authentication platform to incorporate even more cutting-edge technologies – an announcement made at Money20/20, in fact.

Meanwhile, another panelist, Frances Zelazny, is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BioCatch, a leading pioneer of the field of behavioral biometrics. This technology, which assesses patterns in users’ behavior as they interact with devices, apps, and websites, can be used to effectively flag abnormal behavior, often a clear indication of fraud; and what’s more, it can operate in the background, with no special actions required from the end user for authentication, making it a highly effective additional layer of security for online transactions. Unsurprisingly, this approach has also proven extremely popular in the world of financial services, where institutions are eager for ways of securing the growing number of digital transactions processed daily without hampering the user experience.


And then there’s IDEMIA’s VP of Biometric Access & Time Solutions, Gary Jones. In an interview with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor at this year’s Money20/20, Jones highlighted how IDEMIA’s technology can be used to implement low-friction authentication in banks and other institutions; the MorphoWave scanner, for example, can scan multiple fingerprints at once, without any need for physical contact, which means that a bank employee could use it to log into an account or to access a vault, for example, with the wave of a hand. But IDEMIA is a pioneering force in other ways too. The company is one of the pioneers pushing the emerging biometric payment card concept, and also recently delved into selfie authentication with its own infrared face scanning solution; and Jones may well have some comments on how this kind of technology could be applied in financial services during his conversation with the webinar’s other panelists.

This should all make for a heady conversation, and audience members will have the opportunity to participate, too, thanks to a Q&A session at the end of the panel. It’s another great reason to attend the event live; but those who aren’t able to do so will still get to catch up with a private link to a recording of the webinar after it’s done.

Entitled, “FindBiometrics and Money20/20 Present: Intelligent Biometrics and the New Face of Finance“, the webinar is slated to begin at 11:00am on November 7th and to run for about 45 minutes. Registration and attendance are completely free, so be sure to sign up today.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)