FPC Announces More Smartphone Integrations

Additional smartphone integrations of Fingerprint Cards biometric technology underline the company’s continuing presence in the mobile sector.FPC Announces More Smartphone Integrations

One of the new integrations concerns an increasingly popular fingerprint sensor model, the FPC1145. It was the most prominent sensor model used in a big batch of integrations announced by FPC last week, and the company has revealed that it’s also being used in the Green Pomelo 1S from Moto.

Another newly announced integration involves a newer sensor, the FPC1272. This sensor is designed for integrations under a layer of glass or ceramic, and it’s now being used in the new flagship device from Smartisan, the R1 – a $1400 device that sports a whole terabyte of internal storage.

Finally, FPC has also announced a third mobile integration whose details are shrouded in mystery, with the company only referring to “one new smartphone” launched by a “major Japanese OEM”. The company didn’t even reveal the sensor model being used for this one.

What’s clear enough is that these integrations all point to continuing momentum in the mobile market on FPC’s part, despite the recent competitive pressures that have come to bear on all fingerprint biometrics specialists operating in this area. And it’s a fair bet that this momentum will continue, as there is still plenty of demand among smartphone makers for fingerprint sensor solutions.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, Android Authority