FPC Sensor Takes a Spin in New Samsung Notebook

A new notebook device from Samsung features biometric security, thanks to technology provided by Fingerprint Cards.FPC Sensor Takes a Spin in New Samsung Notebook

The Samsung Notebook Spin is another of the growing number of computer devices that takes advantage of Windows 10’s embedded support for biometric authentication via its Windows Hello security system. And in this case, that biometric security operates through a Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensor – the FPC1145.

In a statement announcing the integration, FPC said the sensor model “offers excellent 3D pixel-sensing technology that reads virtually any finger – dry or wet.” The company added that the sensor is supported by software that “increases the accuracy of captured images for an improved user experience.”

Sophisticated though it may be, the FPC1145 is not one of FPC’s newer sensor models, having seen integrations into mobile devices as far back as 2015. But its use in the Samsung Notebook Spin points to its growing presence in computer devices after the sensor was integrated into Huawei’s Matebook E convertible tablet notebook last spring.