Fujitsu Announces Biometric Authentication Platform for the IoT

Fujitsu has developed a new authentication platform for the IoT that would verify users’ identities through the biometric scanning features of their smartphones.

Fujitsu Announces Biometric Authentication Platform for the IoTThe system takes an on-device approach to biometric data, adhering to FIDO Alliance standards. When a user needs to access an IoT device or service, she needs only to perform a biometric scan for authentication on her smartphone; confirmation of authentication then passes through a secure connection to a cloud-based server, while NFC technology is used to confirm that the user is in proximity to the IoT device or service she is trying to access.

In a statement announcing the system, the company suggested it could have applications such as accessing secure storage, or vehicles in a car-sharing service. Fujitsu says it will explore other use cases as it continues to develop the system, with the aim of launching it sometime this year as a part of the Fujitsu IoT Solution Biometric Sensor Authentication Solution Online Biometric Authentication Service.

But in the short term, the company is eager to show off its new platform at the RetailTech Japan trade show from March 7th to 10th.