FIDO Alliance Launches Partner Showcase

The FIDO Alliance has hit a big new benchmark with respect to FIDO certifications, and is launching a new way to celebrate them: The consortium has announced that, with more than 300 products now compliant with its authentication standards, it’s devoting a section of its website to highlight the organizations providing them.FIDO Alliance Launches Partner Showcase

It’s called the FIDO Certified Showcase, and it offers a visually clean and organized listing of all such companies, along with more detailed information on how their offerings adhere to FIDO standards, available at the click of a button. Clicking on the icon for Facebook, for example, brings up details on how the company recently leveraged FIDO-compliant 2FA authentication standards by offering security key support to its users.

It’s an endeavor in keeping with the FIDO Alliance’s mission to educate the public about multi-factor authentication security while helping to promote the organizations and solutions that are offering it. And with FIDO standards getting high-profile accolades and rising in popularity – the number of FIDO Certified products only passed the 200-mark last June – the FIDO Certified Showcase could prove a valuable resource for individuals looking to find secure solutions that meet their needs.