Garmin and SCOR Algorithm Lets Insurance Providers Monitor Client Health

Garmin and SCOR Algorithm Lets Insurance Providers Monitor Client Health

Garmin and SCOR Global Life have joined forces to develop a new algorithm that calculates a person’s biological age based on the health data captured with Garmin’s wearable devices. The algorithm is part of SCOR’s Biological Age Model (BAM), which is being rolled out through a collaboration with the Taiwanese insurance company Nanshan.  

The people participating in the Nanshan program will have access to the data collected with their Garmin devices, which can monitor steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep, amongst other variables. However, the BAM platform seems to be built primarily for insurers, who will have access to far more comprehensive health profiles of their clientele. Insurance providers will then be able to set insurance policies based on that personal information, presumably giving customers a financial incentive to lead healthier lifestyles and achieve better metrics.   

“Garmin is eager to work with SCOR Global Life on an innovative underwriting solution that helps insurers leverage objective data from Garmin wearables and responds to the needs of health-conscious consumers,” said Garmin Fitness VP Joe Schrick.

“SCOR is paving the way for the future of life insurance,” added Vincent Lepez, SCOR’s Head of Global Markets for Asia, Europe, and Latin America. “Clinical evidence proves that activity level has a direct influence on mortality and critical illness risks, so this initiative potentially has far-reaching implications for global public health.”

Garmin’s wearable devices (including Garmin smartwatches) are compatible with SCOR’s Good Life app, which is developed by the SCOR subsidiary ReMark. The SCOR news comes several months after Garmin Health partnered with IBM, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone in an effort to improve workplace safety with data analytics.

Garmin has also been working to improve the Garmin Pay ecosystem to enhance the utility of its wearable devices. The company released the Vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch earlier this year, and later announced that Discover would offer support for the Garmin Pay platform.