GEMADEC Leverages Daon’s Face Recognition Biometrics in New App

GEMADEC Leverages Daon's Face Recognition Biometrics in New App

GEMADEC is leveraging Daon’s facial recognition technology in a new app developed for the Moroccan Interprofessional Pension Fund (CIMR). The CIMR DIALCOM app uses Daon’s IdentityX facial recognition platform to verify the identity of the pension recipient, and to make sure the recipient is a living person and not a spoofing attempt. Once the app confirms that the individual is indeed amongst the living, CIMR will authorize their pension payment.

To use the app, pensioners must first enroll using their biometric passport, which includes a photo of the beneficiary. They can do so through the app or in person at a CIMR agency.

Once registration is complete, pensioners can use their smartphone to take a “dynamic selfie.” The dynamic selfie matches the individual against the photo in the biometric passport, and also prompts them to make simple movements like blinking or nodding to provide proof of life. That liveness detection then allows CIMR to clear the payment.

The solution will help CIMR automate and streamline the pension payments process. GEMADEC and Daon, meanwhile, are hoping to expand their customer base, arguing that other financial institutions could benefit from this particular form of biometric authentication. The two companies first teamed up in the beginning of 2018, greatly expanding Daon’s presence in North Africa. Daon’s biometric platform also achieved FIDO2 certification back in March.     

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)