Gemalto Delivers eSIM Management Services for VIVA Bahrain

Gemalto Delivers eSIM Management Services for VIVA Bahrain

Gemalto has forged a new eSIM partnership with VIVA Bahrain, the leading telecom provider in the Kingdom. Specifically, the digital security company will be providing VIVA Bahrain with a subscription management platform that allows for the remote activation of eSIM devices.

“We adopt innovative trends in technology to enhance our customers’ experiences,” said VIVA Bahrain Chief Commercial Officer Karim Tabbouche. “Gemalto’s eSIM remote subscription management platform represents the latest stage of this on-going strategy.”

“With billions of machines and people now requiring round-the-clock connectivity, remote subscription management is key to an enhanced user experience,” added Sherry Zameer, Gemalto’s SVP for IoT in CISMEA.

The partnership will be particularly important as Internet of Things technology becomes more popular in the coming years. In the Middle East and North Africa alone, sales of wearable devices are expected to reach 200 million units by 2020. Strong eSIM support will be crucial as everything from PCs to Porsches gets added to the IoT ecosystem.

Gemalto’s subscription management platform is a cloud-based service that is compliant with all GSMA specifications. The company has previously delivered similar eSIM solutions for telecom companies in Spain and Japan.