Gemalto eSIM Tech Hits the Race Course in a Porsche Cayman GT4

A Porsche GT4 Cup championship race recently offered Gemalto an opportunity to showcase its eSIM-driven smart car technology: The company has announced that its Cinterion LTE Cat. 1 IoT Module was integrated into a Porsche Cayman GT4 race car for the event, in collaboration with Liechtenstein-based telematics specialist GlobalMatiX.

The race car was outfitted with 40 different sensors, which could communicate diagnostic information – things like fuel level, tire pressure, oil temperature, and so on – to the race car’s team of mechanics as the vehicle was racing around the course, thanks in part to Gemalto’s cellular communications technology. Offering an illustration of the benefits of this setup in a statement, Gemalto explained that thanks to the “immediate visibility of issues after a minor crash, mechanics were able to organize the necessary parts and manage split second repairs before the car even made it back to the pit.”

Meanwhile, the race itself offered a demonstration of the durability of Gemalto’s technology, with Gemalto noting that it faced “extreme conditions of heat, vibration and speeds of up to 280 km/h,” with “six continuous hours at full throttle”.

The demonstration offers the latest indication of Gemalto’s intensifying interest in smart car and connected car technologies, and the company says it’s planning to extend its collaboration with GlobalMatiX into 5G cellular technology. That could pave the way for integrations into future connected vehicles – not just race cars but trucks and the regular cars people will be using in everyday transit when 5G networks are widespread.