Gemalto to Secure Communications Data for Faraday Future Electric Smart Cars

Gemalto to Secure Communications Data for Faraday Future Electric Smart CarsGemalto will provide data security and encryption technology for Faraday Future, a startup aiming to develop electric smart cars.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Gemalto explained that its SafeNet Hardware Security Modules will be incorporated into the public key infrastructure used in Faraday Future’s cars. Essentially, that means Gemalto technology will be used to secure the digital certificates used in the smart car’s communications.

“Every step of data flow is protected, like in-car services such as over-the-air software updates and transport of data from the car, without making the data vulnerable to cyberattacks,” the company explained. Gemalto added that it is also working with Faraday Future to design a private Microsoft Certificate Authority to be integrated into the smart car infrastructure.

Commenting further on the collaboration, Faraday Future Vehicle Software Director Connie Zhao said, “With these security measures in place, Faraday Future aims to release our first connected car soon, providing citizens with the convenience and trust needed on the road.”

It isn’t yet clear when exactly Faraday Future plans to launch its first electric smart cars, but the company had planned to manufacture 10,000 such vehicles in China in 2019 before it ran into financial difficulties at the end of last year, according to a report from The Verge. Faraday Future has since recovered thanks to a major investment package, and is evidently aiming to line up expert partners like Gemalto in its high-tech pursuits.

Sources: Gemalto, The Verge