Gemalto to Showcase Diverse Solutions at Internet of Things World 2017

Gemalto will show off a variety of solutions at Internet of Things World 2017.

Gemalto to Showcase Diverse Solutions at Internet of Things World 2017One of the solutions is designed to help IoT developers to monetize their software. Called Sentinel Fit, it’s a piece of embedded software that Gemalto says can be integrated into the smallest of IoT devices, from which it can transmit use data back to company servers in order to ensure that the use of proprietary software is being paid for.

Other solutions are the result of collaboration. Gemalto’s Trusted Key Manager (TKM) is being used to bring security to low-power LoRaWAN networks, while Gemalto M2M Modules have been incorporated into West’s Emergency Aware Services solution, which is designed to bring to leverage environmental and infrastructural sensors for smart city emergency response; in a statement, Gemalto offered the example of a fire alert, which would enable authorities to “instantly geo-fence the area, assess the seriousness of the situation, and identify and notify first responders in the area.”

It’s a diverse range of solutions that demonstrates the breadth of Gemalto’s interests when it comes to the emerging IoT. The company will showcase them from booth #1714 at Internet of Things World 2017, which runs from May 16th to May 18th in Santa Clara, California.