Gemalto Predicts Coming ‘Universal Identity’ for Authentication at Work and at Play

Gemalto is predicting the convergence of enterprise and consumer digital identities.

Gemalto Predicts Coming 'Universal Identity' for Authentication at Work and at PlayIt’s actually already happening, the company argues in a new blog post. Authentication mechanisms that were initially introduced in consumer applications, such as biometric recognition and contextual device data authentication, are more and more common in business settings, while many organizations are starting to embrace single sign-on mechanisms via consumer-focused federated identity protocols like SAML and Open ID Connect, allowing for options like “Sign in with Google”.

This is all pointing to a future in which companies rely on ‘identity brokers’ to manage digital access for employees. Such identity brokers leverage existing consumer credentials such as those pertaining to social media accounts in order to enable access to enterprise assets like cloud-based data and VPN services.

Gemalto concludes its post by asserting that this ‘universal online identity’ is actually an end goal of the FIDO Alliance, whose authentication standards are quickly becoming accepted as the baseline requirements for secure user authentication. And with the biggest social media platform in the world now supporting FIDO standards, Gemalto’s predictions about where this is all going seem very plausible.