Gentex to Showcase Iris-Based Driver Recognition, In-Car Payments at CES 2018

Gentex is planning to show off some cutting-edge connected car technologies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including innovative biometric and payment systems.

Gentex to Showcase Iris-Based Driver Recognition, In-Car Payments at CES 2018Its showcase will include the latest iteration of its iris-based driver authentication system. Embedded in the car’s rear-view mirror, it uses infrared scanning to recognize patterns in the user’s iris, prompting in-car settings to immediately adjust to the preferences of the identified user. It can also prompt connections with external cloud-based services such as home automation and even in-vehicle payments. And to the latter’s end, Gentex is planning to take the opportunity of CES 2018 to demonstrate how the Visa Token Service can be used to secure payments made directly from the car, allowing the driver to pay for a fill-up just by tapping a button on the car’s touchscreen.

Other new automotive technologies that Gentex plans to showcase at CES include a panoramic rear-view display for when the driver is reversing, part of an overarching Camera Monitoring System designed to capture the entirety of the sides and rear of the vehicle; as well as glass panels that can dynamically darken or lighten their dimmers at the user’s request, or according to built-in sensors.

The offerings are part of a wider array of connected car technologies to be showcased at CES 2018, with biometrics shaping up to be a major through line across the various parties’ offerings. CES will take place in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th, with Gentex slated to show off its wares from booth #9123 in the Tech East section of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall.