Goodix Tech Wins Two CES 2016 Innovation Awards

Goodix Tech Wins Two CES 2016 Innovation AwardsChina-based user interface developer Goodix has won two major awards ahead of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Its Touch Screen Enables Sharing Through Screen Itself system and its Invisible Touch Fingerprint Sensor have both won International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Innovation Awards in the Embedded Technologies category.

Goodix’s Touch Screen Enables Sharing Through Screen Itself system lives up to its name, using the electrical fields of two devices’ touchscreens to transfer data between them when their faces are placed close to each other. And its Invisible Touch Fingerprint Sensor is also pretty much what it sounds like – a biometric fingerprint scanner that can be embedded under the glass surface of a touchscreen. Both have now received prestigious recognition from CES, which could be a major boon for the company as it seeks to grab a bigger slice of marketshare in the touchscreen technology markets.

In a statement, Goodix CEO David Zhang asserted that winning “multiple CES awards as a relatively new entrant into the U.S. market and being the first Chinese IC Company to win this category award underscores Goodix’s commitment to innovation in human interface and fingerprint biometric sensing technologies.” He also stressed the technologies’ applicability across a range of products, noting that as a general goal “Goodix strives to make human interface technology in mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, wearables and other mobile devices more secure and even easier to use and enjoy.”

Goodix has been seeking to expand its presence in the US market, and these CES 2016 awards should help to considerably raise its profile.