Goodix is Supplier for OnePlus 6T’s In-Display Sensor Tech

Goodix is the supplier behind the in-display fingerprint sensor of OnePlus’s newest smartphone, the company has revealed.Goodix is Supplier for OnePlus 6T's In-Display Sensor Tech

It’s the latest in a string of integration wins for the China-based sensor maker, which has quickly established itself as a leading supplier in this pioneering area of mobile biometrics. This year Goodix has seen integrations of its in-display fingerprint sensor technology with Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei, and this latest integration with OnePlus will almost certainly prove to be the first that reaches consumers in America, with the previous smartphones all having been aimed primarily at the China market.

For its part, Shenzhen-based OnePlus is looking to Goodix’s in-display fingerprint sensor technology as a key market differentiator for its OnePlus 6T, highlighting the “Screen Unlock” functionality in a teaser ad last month and boasting that it’s the fastest mobile fingerprint unlock system on the market at 0.34 seconds. The latter claim has been contested in at least one early review; but in any case, by adopting in-display technology together with a Face Unlock option as well, OnePlus is clearly looking to highlight the multimodality of its device and its use of a cutting-edge, next generation fingerprint scanning system.

That could prove important in the US market, where OnePlus isn’t currently a very well-known brand; and if it can get a substantial foothold, it could go a long way in helping to popularize in-display fingerprint sensor technology on a global basis.

The device is currently available from a T-Mobile popup store in Times Square, and will be available for order more broadly starting November 1st.

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