Google Expands Android Pay Functionality

Google has announced new functionality for its Android Pay payments platform.

Google Expands Android Pay FunctionalityThe company has launched a Google Payment API for developers, which will allow third parties to integrate Google-facilitated payments into the apps and websites. Those who take advantage of it will enable their customers to make purchases using the payment cards associated with their Google Play, YouTube, and Chrome accounts. This functionality is now available through an ‘early access’ program.

Google is also preparing to enable peer-to-peer payments through its Google Assistant platform. That means users will be able to send money to friends and acquaintances simply by speaking to their Google Home or Android devices. It’s a measure that may be aimed at staying competitive with rivals like PayPal’s Venmo and Apple Pay, which is expected to get a P2P payments feature in the near future.

Meanwhile, Google has delivered great support for loyalty cards in Android Pay, and says it’s working to bring Android Pay to additional markets including Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan soon.