Google Fiber a “Game Changer” for Startups

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemKansas City’s technology community is thrilled with the newly offered Google Fiber small business service. In a press release from local industry advocate KCnext, the internet service is hailed as a “game changer” for startups.

The city is the first to enjoy the Google Fiber service, with Google having introduced it in the tech-heavy KC neighborhood colloquially called the Startup Village. Google Fiber offers “ultra-high-speed” connectivity at a low cost – only about $100 per month.

This has enormous benefits for tech startups, including biometric technology developer EyeVerify, which uses vast amounts of data in its efforts to develop its vascular iris-scanning mobile solution. The company’s president, Toby Rush, noted that this kind of internet connection is “increasingly important now that we’re utilizing multiple cloud-based services and remote networks simultaneously; operationally, it’s as if the server is right next to me.”

As Google Fiber’s rollout continues beyond Kansas City, it could provide a real boost to numerous tech startups. For the biometrics industry in particular, which is undergoing huge growth in tandem with the mobile revolution and other applications in security and everyday life, it could really help some new players get into the game.