Google Pay Comes to Chrome, Firefox, and Even Safari

Google has started to roll out its flagship payments platform on the web, announcing that Google Pay is being integrated into not only Google’s Chrome browser, but also Firefox and Safari. That means users who register their payment cards into Google Pay will be able to quickly and easily make payments online.

Announcing the move in a blog post, Google Consumer Payments Product Management Director Gerardo Capiel emphasized the convenience of the payments platform, noting that the browser version will work on any device, and that it can automatically fill in forms on checkout pages. Google Pay will also automatically update credit and debit cards when new ones are issued by the cardholder’s bank, Capiel said.

Capiel also emphasized the convenience of the mobile version of Google Pay, noting that users can “[s]peed through checkout in convenience stores, grocery stores, or the millions of places that accept contactless payments with the device that’s already in your hand” (so long as it’s an Android phone). And Capiel added that the app offers exclusive promotions via Google’s partner retailers.

As for the emergence of Google Pay on web browsers, it represents the lates step in the ongoing evolution of the platform, which rebranded from ‘Android Pay’ earlier this year. The next big step appears to be for Google to integrate its Google Pay Send P2P payments service into the platform, but it isn’t yet clear when that’s going to happen.

Source: The Keyword