New Tobii Pro Eye Tracking Software Works with 360-degree VR Data

Tobii Pro has announced a new version of its clinical use software for eye tracking in Virtual Reality environments.

Called Tobii Pro Lab VR 360, the solution of course supports Tobii’s wearable and screen-based eye trackers, with its flagship new feature being the capability to collect data from 360-degree video through an HTC Vive headset. As with the Tobii Pro VR Analytics solution launched by the company earlier this year, Tobii Pro Lab VR 360 can also be combined with galvanic skin response data to get a stronger sense of how users are responding to specific VR content.

In a statement announcing the new solution, Tobii Pro explained that its clinical lab solutions allow researchers to “place people in immersive scenarios and study behavior in situations that would otherwise be too dangerous or difficult to replicate or repeat in real-life.” That could include studies of phobias and PTSD; but this technology can also be used for marketing purposes, allowing researchers to assess how audiences are engaging with content.

“VR with eye tracking has given science a whole new dimension and we are determined to provide researchers with world leading VR research tools which help them in their quest for breakthroughs in science and treatment,” asserted Tobii Pro President Tom Englund.