New Handheld Device Allows Biometric Authentication with Smart Documents

MRZ_CredenceOneMobile biometrics developer Credence ID has unveiled a new handheld solution. Called the CredenceOne-MRZ, it’s an authentication device that can both read smart documents and perform its own biometric fingerprint scanning and face recognition.

The device looks like slightly large version of the kind of wireless credit card readers found in many restaurants, and is based on an Android operating system. Like its predecessor, the CredenceOne, the device has Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, and contactless and swipe-based card reading capabilities, but it now also features the MRZ reader for smart travel credentials. The device can therefore read travel documents containing biometric information, and then compare that information to the fingerprint and facial biometric data that it scans with its built-in sensor and camera.

It’s a timely offering; biometric credentials are starting to gain momentum around the world. In the US, the state of Washington recently announced that it would soon begin issuing biometric driver’s licences. Meanwhile, Ukraine has been ramping up its biometric passport initiative in a bid to comply with EU standards, while even the Kyrgyzstani government – widely criticized for corruption – has jumped on the biometric passport bandwagon. With the global ePassport market predicted to grow 30 percent over the next few years, Credence ID shouldn’t have much trouble marketing its newest solution.