HID Global Announces Smart Card Featuring FIDO2 Credential

HID Global has embraced the new FIDO2 standard, announcing a new HID smart card featuring a FIDO2 credential. The company is working with Microsoft to enable login to Windows and other software and devices via its smart card solution.HID Global Announces Smart Card Featuring FIDO2 Credential

FIDO2 is the new flagship authentication standard of the FIDO Alliance. It’s key innovation over previous FIDO standards is the facilitation of biometric and security key-based login through web browsers, but it also supports a number of other applications and use cases, with strong authentication being the through line.

In a statement announcing HID Global’s support for the standard, the company’s VP and Managing Director of Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solutions, Brad Jarvis, explained that the collaboration with Microsoft “will put FIDO credentials into different form factors that HID delivers, including a smart card, an app on a phone, a USB dongle or other things.” Jarvis added that FIDO2 “can be leveraged to authenticate a wide range of applications that implement the standard and ensure interoperability, which is scalable and the vital ingredient for trusted identities everywhere.”

HID Global is just one of multiple firms embracing the new authentication standard, with at least two other companies having announced new USB key solutions that leverage FIDO2 to replace passwords in user authentication.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)