FIDO2 a Hot Topic of RSA 2018

The FIDO Alliance‘s new FIDO2 standards made a strong showing at this year’s RSA security conference, reports FIDO Senior Director of Marketing Andrew Shikiar.

Announced earlier this month, the FIDO2 authentication standards are most notable for their WebAuthn component, which is designed to enable biometric and security key authentication through major web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. As developers start to take advantage of this capability, end users will be able to sign into online accounts through a fingerprint or facial scan, or by authenticating on a USB key, rather than entering a password.

In a post on the FIDO website, Shikiar says that at RSA 2018, attendees “had many questions about FIDO2” and in general were “excited by the prospect of leading browsers supporting FIDO Authentication in order to reduce the industry’s reliance on passwords.” And on the last day of the conference, Google Information Security Product Management Director Sam Srinivas and Microsoft Head of Windows Operating System Security and Identity Dave Bossio led a presentation on the new authentication options offered by the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards.

Meanwhile, a number of partners in the FIDO ecosystem have already announced new solutions leveraging FIDO2, such as Yubico’s latest YubiKey security key, and a new version of Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite. FIDO2 has hit the ground running.