HID Mobile Access Control Comes to Honeywell App

HID Global mobile access control technology has been incorporated into Honeywell Building Solutions’ Honeywell Vector Occupant App, allowing users to use their phones to access secure areas in facilities enabling the technology.HID Mobile Access Control Comes to Honeywell App

It’s an extension of a partnership that emerged earlier this year when Honeywell Building Solutions and Digitronica IT leveraged HID Mobile Access technology for a Vodafone testing environment in Milan. In the case of the Honeywell Vector Occupant App, not only does the technology allow users to replace smart cards with their own mobile devices, but it also lets facility administrators to digitally manage the credentials that have been issued.

In a statement announcing the Honeywell Vector Occupant App integration, HID Global VP Harm Radstaak said his company “shares a commitment with Honeywell to deliver a more satisfying, mobile-centric experience in smart buildings.” Radstaak also suggested that the companies would continue their collaborative efforts to bring mobile authentication solutions to “a variety of building services and applications.”

As mobile devices are increasingly used to replace card-based technologies – as in the case of mobile payments – HID Global’s mobile solutions could become increasingly popular, especially with a major brand like Honeywell backing them.