HotelTonight Expands Touch ID, Apple Pay Support

HotelTonight, a hotel-booking mobile app, has tightened its embrace of Touch ID and Apple Pay.

HotelTonight Expands Touch ID, Apple Pay SupportThe app first introduced Touch ID and Apple Pay support back in 2014, but it’s now expanding their use beyond mere payment. Users are now able to log into their accounts on the app via fingerprint scan, allowing them to forget about the hassle of having to enter their information; in a statement announcing the upgrade, the app’s eponymous developer claimed that the new Touch ID support “cuts the HotelTonight booking process down even further, to 5 seconds flat, from app open to confirmed booking.”

It’s also going to new lengths to support Apple Pay, with plans to offer “exclusive discounts all summer long” to customers booking via Apple Pay. That’s kicking off with an Apple Pay $25 discount code for first-time users and a roulette-style discount ranging from $20 to $100 via another Apple Pay promotional code.

The expanded support highlight’s Apple Pay’s utility on apps based heavily on mobile transactions, and may also indicate a growing enthusiasm for Apple Pay as the mPayment platform’s presence continues to expand.

Source: 9to5Mac