HSBC Allows Customers To Open Accounts With Selfies

HSBC is intensifying its embrace of biometric authentication with a new mobile system that will let business customers open new accounts via selfie.

HSBC Intensifies Biometrics Embrace with Selfie SystemIn addition to requiring an image of the user’s face, the system also asks the user to take a picture of a relevant photo identification document. Once it has both images, it uses facial recognition technology to match the face in the user’s selfie against the one depicted on the piece of ID.

It’s a move meant to keep pace with customer habits now that nearly half of all new HSBC business accounts are being opened online. Biometric facial recognition is an increasingly popular means of customer authentication in the financial services sector, and other kinds of businesses are starting to take advantage of this kind of onboarding, too. Zipcar, for example, recently launched its own selfie-based registration system, letting new users sign up through their mobile devices and access its cars within minutes.

For HSBC, though, the selfie system is a part of a broader exploration of biometric authentication, with the bank also having pursued voice recognition for customers reaching out to its call centers.

Sources: CNBC, AFP Relax News (via Yahoo)


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