Huawei Announces IoT-Aligned Strategy at MWC Shanghai

“[Huawei’s] slogan for the MWC event is ‘Open ROADS to a Better Connected World.'”

China-based smartphone OEM and ICT solutions provider Huawei is on hand at this week’s Mobile World Congress ShanghaiHuawei Announces IoT-Aligned Strategy at MWC Shanghai, and it’s taking the opportunity to spread a message of collaboration in the dawning era of the Internet of Things. The company has announced that its slogan for the MWC event is “Open ROADS to a Better Connected World”.

There are several prongs to the company’s approach, which it says will revolve around supporting operators in the core areas of architecture, business, network, and operation. In terms of specifics, Huawei has thrown its support behind the U-vMOS video standard; and it is also offering to support mobile carriers seeking FMC 2.0 broadband capabilities.

More broadly, though, the company is aiming to get ahead of the IoT, just like everyone else. At its booth in MWC’s ‘Innovation City’, Huawei is showcasing a “Connected Life Experience” concept that it says will demonstrate how IoT technologies will impact home life, work, and the public space. With any luck, the showcase will distill a complex and multifaceted IoT strategy into tangible solutions that MWC attendees can easily grasp.