Hyosung Adds PalmSecure Biometrics to ATMs

ATM maker Hyosung has announced a partnership with Fujitsu that will see the latter’s PalmSecure biometric authentication technology implemented into a number of its ATMs.

Hyosung Adds PalmSecure Biometrics to ATMs

PalmSecure works by having an individual hold their hand a couple of inches over a sensor, where a near-infrared light beam records their palm vein pattern, and encrypts that data.

The encrypted data is then transferred securely to a PC, where it is converted into a biometric template and assigned a security key. And, in the event that it isn’t possible to use palm vein biometrics — if the individual is missing a hand, for example — a different body region such as a cheek can be used for authentication.

“At Hyosung, our goal is to continually improve our product by applying real solutions that work,” said Hee-Eun Ahn, CEO of Hyosung America. “Fujitsu PalmSecure technology provides the security, reliability and innovation that has made us a world leader in the ATM marketplace.”

This partnership comes at a time when contactless solutions such as this are in high demand due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, as they are generally considered safer and more hygienic than contact-based forms of authentication, whether they be biometric (fingerprints, for example) or not (traditional PIN/card).

Palm vein biometrics are also not affected by external factors such as abbrasians, skin conditions, or moisture, and have shown a false positive rate of less than 0.00001%, Fujitsu says.