[Money20/20] ID R&D Voice Biometrics Integrated into FacePhi’s inPhinite Platform

ID R&D Voice Biometrics Integrated into FacePhi's inPhinite PlatformFacePhi has just announced the first big integration for its newly launched inPhinite security platform. ID R&D‘s voice recognition technology is going to be used to help authenticate FacePhi’s millions of end users.

Announced just a couple of weeks ago, inPhinite is a new multimodal platform built around Selphi, the selfie-based authentication system that has hitherto been FacePhi’s flagship offering. ID R&D’s IDVoice biometric technology will be integrated into PhiVox, the inPhinite component focused on voice recognition and voice-based services.

It looks like the biometric technology has been upgraded since ID R&D’s last update earlier this summer. Back then, the company proclaimed that IDVoice could identify a speaker after only one or two seconds of natural speech; now, the companies say that it will enable PhiVox to authenticate users in 0.2 seconds.

In a statement announcing the partnership, FacePhi CEO Javier Mira said it will allow inPhinite to “offer the industry’s most robust voice authentication to millions of users,” adding, “The unrivaled speed and accuracy of ID R&D’s technology made it a simple choice for us and we look forward to offering our customers a truly unique and zero-risk security solution.”

The announcement was made at this year’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, where FacePhi is demoing inPhinite this week.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)