Idaptive Brings Passwordless Authentication to Next-Gen Access

Idaptive Brings Passwordless Authentication to Next-Gen Access

The Identity and Access Management specialist Idaptive is bringing passwordless authentication to its Next-Gen Access (NGA) platform. The latest NGA update will allow users to take advantage of FIDO’s WebAuthn standards, which enable device-based authentication for people using online services.

In plain terms, that means that Idaptive users will be able to use passwordless authentication tools like Windows Hello, TouchID, and Yubico’s various YubiKeys to log into the Idaptive Portal when using the Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. It will be similarly compatible with other built-in sensors, such as the fingerprint readers being placed in many laptops.

The NGA update will also enhance the platform’s ability to provide endpoint security for corporate customers. More specifically, the update will make it easier to onboard remote workers, who will no longer need to use a VPN to access the corporate network and set up an account. Instead, remote workers will simply be able use their company credentials to log in once the Idaptive Mac or Windows Agent has been installed on their device.

Companies can also use Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication to supplement their existing security. The tech analyzes contextual factors like device, network, and user behavior to assign a risk score during every login request. Companies will then have the opportunity to respond if Idaptive spots any anomalous activity.

“We want to make [identity and access management] as easy and secure as possible,” said Idaptive CPO Archit Lohokare. “These new enhancements do just that: they simplify and automate the on-boarding process, while reducing end-user friction through passwordless authentication, end-user self-service capabilities, and more, on the path to Zero Trust security.”

The update suggests that things have been going well for Idaptive since it spun off from Centrify and became an independent company one year ago. Centrify has previously warned about the dangers of unsecured devices in the workplace, though Idaptive is obviously working to make the environment a little safer for its customers.  

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)