IDEMIA Pop-Up Innovation Center Will Bring Biometric Demos to London

Photo by Gordon Williams on Unsplash

IDEMIA is looking to raise its profile in the UK with a new “Pop-Up Innovation Center” that will be situated in the Queen Elizabeth II Center. That’s right in Westminster, right in the heart of London.

The Pop-Up Innovation Center will essentially act as a demo showroom, with IDEMIA announcing in a statement that it will cover “a wide range of innovations”. These include biometric systems designed to manage the flow of crowds, mobile ID technology, biometric onboarding and authentication solutions, and stadium security systems.

The Pop-Up Innovation Center’s announcement comes just a few days after IDEMIA’s revelation that it had won a five-year contract to provide the UK’s Home Office with an upgraded fingerprint matching systems. In a statement announcing the Pop-Up, IDEMIA Public Security and Citizen Identity EVP Philippe Barreau explained, “being a leader in biometric solutions means we must provide unique and seamless user experiences and be close to our customers to meet their expectations.”

IDEMIA’s Pop-Up Innovation Center won’t be around long, though, so any Londoners curious to learn more about their government’s latest biometric security contractor will need to head to Westminster between June 25th and 27th.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)