IDEMIA, WorldPay Bring Dynamic CVV Solution to North America

IDEMIA and US-based payment processor WorldPay are embarking on North America’s first trial program of IDEMIA’s Motion Code payment card solution.IDEMIA, WorldPay Bring Dynamic CVV Solution to North America

Motion Code was first launched in the autumn of 2016 by Oberthur Technologies, before that company merged with Safran Identity & Security to form what is now IDEMIA. The solution essentially replaces the three-digit CVV security code found on the back of a standard credit card with a code that dynamically changes thanks to an embedded LCD display. Because the code regularly changes, it prevents fraudsters from using stolen or compromised credit card information to make purchases when they don’t have possession of the actual card.

In announcing the new North American trial of Motion Code, IDEMIA did not offer details concerning card issuer partners, timelines, or the general scope of the trial. But the company did assert that Motion Code has thus far been deployed in “[t]en different international locations”, with over 600,000 cards issued and no reported cases of CNP fraud, according to its own internal data.

Meanwhile, IDEMIA has also been busy promoting its F-Code solution, a payment card that features an embedded fingerprint sensor to enable user authentication at the point of sale. That solution also recently saw a trial project get underway, in that case in Japan; and with major players including Mastercard and Visa exploring biometric payment cards, this is expected to become a major payments innovation in the near term.