IDEX Teams up with Excelsecu, Developing Biometric Cards for Access Control

“Together, the companies will develop ‘battery-less dual-interface biometric cards with display,’ according to a statement from IDEX.”

IDEX Teams up with Excelsecu, Bringing Biometric Cards to ChinaIDEX Biometrics has a big new partner in the China market for its biometric card efforts.

The company has teamed up with Excelsecu, a Shenzhen-based security solutions provider specializing in security solutions including FIDO-based security keys, One-Time Password systems, and smart cards. Together, the companies will develop “battery-less dual-interface biometric cards with display,” according to a statement from IDEX.

In its announcement, IDEX noted that Excelsecu counts among its customers some of China’s biggest banks, including the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of Communications, and the Commercial Bank of China. But while IDEX has been jockeying for position in the emerging biometric payment cards market, it appears that its Excelsecu partnership will be focused primarily on biometric smart cards used for security applications such as access control and employee authentication.

Elaborating on the collaboration, IDEX CEO Stan Swearingen explained that Excelsecu “offers a range of high quality authentication products, and we strongly believe many of these products will become even more secure and convenient with the addition of our fingerprint technology and biometric systems expertise.”

News of the partnership comes just a day after another of IDEX’s China-based card partners, Feitian, announced that it had partnered with another fingerprint sensor specialist, Fingerprint Cards, on biometric payment cards.

(Originally posted on FindBiometircs)