IOTA Foundation Releases Trinity Cryptocurrency Wallet

IOTA Foundation Releases Trinity Cryptocurrency Wallet

The non-profit IOTA Foundation has released a new cryptocurrency wallet to facilitate the seamless storage and exchange of IOTA tokens. Dubbed the Trinity Wallet, the open-source platform offers customizable user features and is already compatible with most major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The design itself was put together with input from IOTA’s open source community, with an eye towards utility and accessibility. Trinity has been translated into 25 different languages, uses Keepass to create digital backups, and provides biometric authentication for log-ins and transactions. The wallet’s security features have been tested by the cybersecurity firms Accessec and SixGen, who vouched for the safety of the platform.

“It is clear the Trinity team takes security very seriously and has applied best practices throughout development,” said SixGen CEO Ethan Dietrich. “SixGen’s in-depth review and testing ensures users can store and send tokens with confidence and peace of mind.”

“Trinity delivers on IOTA’s goal to provide secure, accessible and community-driven token storage for the international cryptocurrency marketplace,” added IOTA Foundation co-founder Dominik Schiener.

Trinity was used to trade $1.8 billion worth of IOTA tokens during its beta phase, and it is also compatible with Ledger’s hardware wallets.

The IOTA Foundation has also recently been exploring palm vein technology, and has previously partnered with NEXT Biometrics to develop technology for the Internet of Things.