NEXT Biometrics and IOTA Partner to Bring Trust to Internet of Everything

“The integration of IOTA into NEXT Biometrics sensors is a key step to build solutions that enable safe, effective user identification at the device level. Together these solutions will provide digital trust as we move towards the Internet of Everything.” – Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships, IOTA Foundation

NEXT Biometrics and IOTA Partner to Bring Trust to Internet of Everything

NEXT Biometrics is getting more involved in the growing Internet of Things market, this time through a partnership with the IOTA Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on blockchain technology and the development of a ‘permission-less’ IoT ecosystem.

It isn’t yet clear what exactly will be developed in the organizations’ collaboration, but their announcement highlighted the IOTA Foundation’s “IOTA Tangle” blockchain platform for Machine-to-Machine interactions such as data transfers and micropayments. And the companies explained that NEXT Biometrics will integrate IOTA’s technology into “a selection of its sensor products”.

Elaborating further, NEXT Biometrics Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Alain Faburel said, “Combining IOTA Foundation’s standards for interactions between IoT devices and our secure biometric sensors will enable safe transactions across a multitude of IoT applications.”

The partnership points to the breadth of NEXT Biometrics’ business activities at a time when the fingerprint sensor specialist has shown a particularly strong focus on biometric payment cards. It also offers a further indication of the IOTA Foundation’s interest in biometric technology, with the company having announced in October that it was exploring the use of palm vein biometrics for smart city applications.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)