Upgraded IDnow Platform Incorporates Facial Recognition, Document Reading

IDnow has launched an upgraded version of its identity platform.Upgraded IDnow Platform Incorporates Facial Recognition, Document Reading

The system is designed to leverage facial recognition and document reading technologies for end user authentication, all through a standard mobile or desktop camera. It also offers a personal assistance feature in which an agent can help to verify an end user’s identity through video chat in cases where the customer isn’t able to complete the automated process. And it features an integrated e-signature system.

In launching its upgraded platform, IDnow is starting from a strong position. The company says it is “already trusted by several hundred companies across Europe, including UBS, Commerzbank and Telefonica,” according to a statement; and in asserting that its platform is “fully compliant with all relevant regulations and directives such as AML regulation, eIDAS, GDPR and PSD2,” IDnow could ensure its platform is especially appealing in the wake of this year’s major regulatory developments, particularly those introduced in the European Union.

Other companies offering similar authentication and onboarding services, such as Jumio, have proven highly popular, and the appetite for biometric authentication systems that can operate on mobile is only getting stronger as more consumers seek to do business through their smartphones. So IDnow’s upgrade is a timely one, and has every chance of finding a welcoming market.