IDnow Joines ETSI Task Force to Create Guidelines for e-Signatures

IDnow has announced that it will be a member of an international Task Force that will be working to develop identity verification standards for Europe. The Task Force is being hosted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and will specifically be looking at Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI).

IDnow Joines ETSI Task Force to Create Guidelines for e-Signatures

IDnow was invited to join the Task Force in April, and is lending its expertise as a provider of identity verification services. The new ESI standards are intended to serve as a guideline for Know Your Customer regulations and create a secure framework for the use of electronic IDs, and will be published by July of 2021.

“We are pleased to support the working group and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute with our knowledge,” said IDnow Head of Regulatory Affairs Rayissa Armata. “IDnow has been working with customers from different European countries since 2014 and we know the market and its development very well.”

Armata is one of the two IDnow representatives appointed to the Task Force, and will sit alongside company founder and CTO Armin Bauer. The team also includes representatives from Sealed, Certicar, SGM Consulting, and Signicat.

The news reflects IDnow’s growing interest in the regulatory space. The company previously joined the FIDO Alliance in September, and its AutoIdent solution is being used to ensure that everyone using Lottoland’s online gaming platform is legally old enough to play.

IDnow recently began offering eID services through a partnership with the German startup AUTHADA. It also released statistics that show that verification requests have gone up during the COVID-19 pandemic.