iGaming Company Picks AU10TIX for Identity Verification

Biometrics News - iGaming Company Picks AU10TIX for Identity Verification

Another online gaming platform has adopted AU10TIX’s identity verification solution. The iGaming company Aspire Global will deploy AU10TIX’s technology to onboard new customers and provide ongoing authentication.  

The AU10TIX platform uses document recognition to verify a customer’s photo ID, and then compares the photo on that ID to a selfie of the user. The solution offers liveness detection and is able to confirm the ages of gaming customers.

With AU10TIX, Aspire Global is hoping to reduce the threat of fraud while remaining compliant with the latest Know-Your-Customer standards. According to AU10TIX, its proprietary technology needs less than eight seconds to generate a result.

“Gaming is growing fast and regulatory requirements are changing rapidly, the need for real-time identity verification services is paramount,” said AU10TIX CEO Ron Atzmon. “Our ambition is to enable global businesses to provide safer services from onboarding and throughout the customer journey.”

Of course, Aspire Global is not the first gaming provider to take advantage of AU10TIX’s identity verification services. AU10TIX teamed up with Zengaming back in July to facilitate customer onboarding and authentication.

The Cyprus-based AU10TIX recently pulled in $20 million in venture capital funding. TPG has also taken a $60 million stake in ABC Technologies, which is the holding company for AU10TIX. 

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)