Nuance Upgrades Dragon Medical Advisor to Improve Emergency Outcomes

Nuance Upgrades Dragon Medical Advisor to Improve Emergency Outcomes

Nuance has teamed up with The Sullivan Group (TSG) to bolster the emergency capabilities of its Dragon Medical Advisor platform. The new solution blends Nuance’s Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) with TSG’s AI technology to improve diagnostics and create better documentation in chaotic emergency situations.  

Together, the two technologies will mitigate risks and improve medical outcomes for patients and physicians alike. Patients will receive better care based on a more accurate assessment of their symptoms. Doctors, meanwhile, will be less likely to face a malpractice lawsuit based on an inaccurate diagnosis.

According to TSG, a missed diagnosis is the most common cause of malpractice litigation for emergency departments. Its solution has lowered the frequency of such lawsuits by 70 percent in the clinics where it has been deployed.

“Integrating our decision support into Nuance’s CAPD solution enhances diagnostic accuracy and reduces the risk of adverse events,” explained TSG President and CEO Dan Sullivan. “We are bringing high reliability to clinical decision making and judgement.”

Nuance’s recently upgraded Dragon Medical Advisor is part of the broader Dragon Medical One platform, which uses speech recognition and AI to allow doctors to navigate and update patient records through hands-free dictation. Nuance also released an Ambient Clinical Intelligence solution earlier this year.