Nuance Enhances Clinical Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor

Nuance Announces Expanded Clinical Guidance for Dragon Medical Advisor

Nuance Communications Inc. has announced that it has expanded Clinical Guidance for its Dragon Medical Advisor tool.

Dragon Medical Advisor is an AI-driven, Computer-Assisted Medical Documentation (CAPD) tool that aims to help clinicians with documentation by supporting them with relevant clinical information to aid in the diagnostic process, as well as helping organize patient records and eliminating the need for physical paperwork. The idea is to provide medical professionals with everything they need for their patients in one place in order to increase one-on-one time with the patients themselves.

“Dragon Medical Advisor provides in-workflow advice at the point of care, enabling our physicians to build better documentation that reflects the care provided. It captures a complete and accurate patient story from the very first encounter – all while saving our providers valuable time,” said Dr. Ginny Kwong, Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer of Halifax Health serving east-central Florida. “We’re advancing our CDI program by empowering physicians with tools that improve efficiency while they focus on what matters most – patients and the quality of care.”

Clinical Guidance integrates with existing electronic health records to deliver a patient-centered context that will allow the clinician to focus on the patient while being able to review medical findings that are relevant to that patient’s case.

With Clinical Guidance, medical practitioners also have access to Dynamic advice filtering, which combines with advanced analytics to help find important documentation, allowing clinicians to update problems in a patient’s health record.

Clinicians also have access to other advanced analytics tools, with Clinical Guidance offering insights on important points such as risk of mortality and severity of illness. An in-workflow display provides an integrated view of clinical evidence, including sources of relevant clinical findings that could help save time navigating through a patient’s records.

“Dragon Medical Advisor leverages a comprehensive and continuously expanding knowledgebase in real-time to capture comorbidities, major complications, and other relevant data in the patient record,” said Michael Clark, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Provider Solutions, Nuance. “Hospitals using this capability have reported multiple benefits, including significantly fewer retrospective queries from Clinical Documentation Specialists and Coders,” he added.

A May 2019 study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that the majority of diagnostic errors were a result of time pressure and patient history taking, and that many errors were not detected until the patient’s condition had already changed.

Nuance’s AI powered voice technology is used in various industries around the world, with their new automotive company Cerence, launching just last week.

Source: Nuance

October 10, 2019 – by Tony Bitzionis