ImageWare Partners with Extenua to Offer Secure Enterprise Cloud Storage

Authentication in the CloudBiometric authentication solutions provider ImageWare Systems has teamed up with Extenua, Inc., an enterprise cloud storage specialist, to develop a new cloud storage system for enterprise applications. The companies are calling their Cloud2Drive system “the first end-to-end enterprise secure cloud storage, data encryption and multi-modal biometric identity management platform for office and mobile devices.”

It’s a software solution, so there’s no need for VPNs, hardware, or any clunky means of implementation. It also features advanced virtual drives for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, and Linux users, lets multiple users access files concurrently while preventing file corruption, and, perhaps most importantly, ImageWare’s GoVerifyID biometric authentication technology – which includes fingerprint, facial, voice, eye, and signature recognition modalities.

Speaking in a press release, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller said that biometric technology “delivers the most effective, most seamless security solution for mobile data and users.”

It’s a major partnership for ImageWare as the company continues to build momentum with its GoVerifyID technology, having partnered with CA Technologies earlier this year to integrate its technology into that company’s identity management applications, and having had a very successful 2014 that saw the company partner with major firms like Fujitsu and TransUnion. The company is likely to continue to find success with its easy-to-implement SaaS model.