ImageWare Systems Scores Three Year Contract With International Retailer

In retail environments biometrics can solve a number of problems. Time and attendance management, employee terminal sign on and physical access control are all applications of strong identity management that can bring efficiency, security and trust to any organization, and retail is no different.

In order to meet the needs of the organizations that can benefit flexibility is key, and that’s one of the driving factors behind a new three year contract announced today by ImageWare Systems.

The contract will see ImageWare providing its cloud based, multi-modal biometric identity management product suite – IWS CloudID – to a major international retailer. The deployment will begin in the retailer’s Mexico City locations this September, and the suite will be running on the Fujitsu Trusted S5 Cloud Platform.

“Organizations face heavy burdens related to the creation and maintenance of digital identities, data accuracy and lack of integration across credentialing, human resources, and physical and logical access control,” says Jim Miller, CEO and chairman of ImageWare.

Flexibility is at the heart of ImageWare’s solution. Based on the Software-as-a-Service model, IWS CloudID offers organizations authentication options that best suit the specific nuances of their unique needs. Fingerprint, iris, face and voice biometrics are all at the disposal of this as yet unnamed retail CloudID customer.

Miller continues:  “The IWS CloudID product – which runs on top of the Fujitsu Trusted Cloud S5 platform and is delivered via Fujitsu’s global network of secure data centers – offers a cloud-based approach to all of these identity management concerns on a pay-as-you-go basis. We believe this agreement validates the steps we have taken to advance our cloud, SaaS and mobile offerings in the commercial and consumer marketplace.”

According to ImageWare, the products will be licensed on a service-fee model. Revenue will be generated from an initial per-person license fee with a recurring monthly fee to follow. Revenue is expected to start generating from this in Q3 2014.

“We are happy to partner with ImageWare on the implementation of IWS CloudID in Mexico City to help this international retailer enhance its loss prevention and employee credentialing,” says Dave Berry, Fujitsu America’s executive vice president of Infrastructure Services.

ImageWare and Fujitsu first announced the availability of their joint SaaS solution this past spring.