India Launch for Samsung Pay Imminent

Samsung is getting ready to launch its mPayment platform in India, a market primed for digital payments and biometric authentication.

India Launch for Samsung Pay ImminentAs SamMobile reports, Samsung has launched an Android update for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones in the country, and the new OS features the Samsung Pay app. The service hasn’t gone live, however; users who try to open it will find a message saying, “The future of payments is coming soon!”

When it does go live, it could find a ready market. Government authorities in India have been pushing hard to transform the country’s economic system into a cashless, digital one; meanwhile India’s national biometric ID program, Aadhaar, has helped to familiarize citizens with biometric authentication on a massive scale, which could help to further popularize Samsung Pay given its support for fingerprint scanning and, soon, iris-based authentication.

Still, with the Indian government currently preparing the launch of an Aadhaar-linked cashless payment system, Samsung Pay could run up against a unique and strong domestic competitor when it is up and running in the country.

Source: SamMobile