Innovatrics Announces Digital Onboarding Toolkit

Innovatrics Announces Digital Onboarding ToolkitWith excitement growing over selfie-based enrollment solutions, Innovatrics has jumped into the ring. The company has announced a new solution called the Digital Onboarding Toolkit, or DOT.

The biometric enrollment system requires three simple steps. First, an end user takes a picture of a piece of official ID, such as a driver’s license. Next, they confirm the data contained in that picture. Finally, they take a selfie, which is then matched against the face in the photo ID.

It’s an approach that a number of solutions providers have embraced, with companies such as Jumio having seen remarkable market interest in selfie-based authentication as a growing number of organizations seek more efficient and reliable technologies for the onboarding process. For its part, in a statement announcing DOT, Innovatrics said it will promote the solution to “banks, commercial institutions, and other organizations addressing the challenge of streamlining the onboarding of customers,” adding later that with it “the entire transaction of creating an account can be accomplished within a few minutes.”

The app’s announcement arrives after Innovatrics announced a new cloud-based facial recognition solution called SmartFace Server. The company’s statement did not indicate whether DOT uses SmartFace Server or performs its biometric matching on the device.

DOT is available for both iOS and Android.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)