Jumio Named ‘Representative Vendor’ in Gartner Market Guide

Gartner has become the latest industry authority to highlight Jumio‘s Netverify user verification platform.Jumio Named 'Representative Vendor' in Gartner Market Guide

In its latest “Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Corroboration”, Gartner observes “a growing interest in remote identity document verification solutions in the past 12 months whereby a passport, driver’s license or other form of identification is captured via scanner, webcam or mobile phone camera” and then “compared to a ‘selfie'”. It’s the kind of increasingly popular identity verification solution exemplified by Jumio’s Netverify platform, and indeed, Jumio has been included as a “Representative Vendor” in Gartner’s new report.

Acknowledging the recognition in a statement, Jumio CEO Steve Stuut credited the growing market interest described by Gartner to “recent well-publicized data breaches and emerging regulations such as GDPR”. But he also stressed the sophistication of Jumio’s approach, which “leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, biometrics and human review” for smartphone-based identity verification. “In our view, there’s a great deal of nuance that separates vendors in this space in terms of verification accuracy, fraud detection, and the user experience,” he said.

It’s an approach that has evidently delivered results for Jumio. In addition to bringing the company a number of industry accolades, it has delivered a lot of business, with Jumio’s recent Q1 results indicating a 400 percent year-over-year jump in sales. That speaks to both market interest and the quality of Netverify, and could inspire rivals to refine their own solutions as the remote verification market continues to grow.