New iPhones Hit Stores, Pavement

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The latest iPhones are finally on sale in stores across the US, Canada, Australia, China, and other major markets. Given the huge number of preorders for the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus, the mobile devices’ first-weekend sales are expected to surpass those of the previous models from last fall.

Among the devices’ incremental improvements over past iterations is their high durability – a welcome development after reports of bending in the original iPhone 6 Plus. One of the first consumers to purchase a new iPhone 6S from Toronto’s Eaton Centre represented a website that offers to buy broken smartphones, and as such immediately set upon his device, trying his best to destroy it. Remarkably, the smartphone survived a drop from the second floor of the large mall with its glass intact. However, like some heartbreaking Game of Thrones plot twist, the user proceeded to snap his iPhone in half.

Still, that’s impressive durability for a high-end tech device, let alone a smartphone. Apple credits stronger aluminum, which it also has used in the Apple Watch.

Other notable features of the new iPhones include faster, second-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensors, as well as 3D Touch technology imbuing the touchscreen with pressure sensitivity sensors, allowing it to read not only where a users fingers are touching the screen, but how hard or softly they are pressing. That could have some interesting applications in iOS games; it’s a good thing the new screens are so durable.

Source: Global News, CP24